WestMar Commercial Real Estate

Alyssa Almada: Celebrating Excellence as the August Employee of the Month

WestMar is delighted to announce Alyssa Almada as the distinguished August Employee of the Month. Since her arrival on May 22 this year, Alyssa has displayed unwavering dedication, exceptional skills, and a remarkable attitude that has made her an invaluable member of our Accounting Department team.

From day one, Alyssa’s bright personality and friendly nature have made her a joy to work with, inspiring trust and camaraderie among her colleagues. Her enthusiasm for her work is infectious, and she consistently goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.

One of Alyssa’s most remarkable qualities is her ability to quickly grasp new concepts and challenges. Whether she is handling complex accounting tasks or learning new software, she approaches each assignment with determination and finesse. Instead of seeking immediate assistance, Alyssa takes the initiative to investigate and troubleshoot independently, showcasing a level of maturity and resourcefulness that is rare to find in someone of her tenure.

Moreover, Alyssa’s openness to feedback and her eagerness to learn from her peers make her an exemplary team player. She is always receptive to suggestions, and her willingness to improve and grow demonstrates a level of professionalism that sets her apart from her peers.

We couldn’t be prouder to have Alyssa Almada as a part of our team at WestMar. Her dedication, skill, and positive attitude have significantly contributed to our success. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we honor her as the August Employee of the Month!