WestMar Commercial Real Estate

At WestMar, we are thrilled to announce Alyssa as our Employee of the Month for February. January, a challenging month, especially for those in accounting, saw Alyssa rise to the occasion with exceptional dedication and a positive attitude.

Navigating January’s additional tasks and critical deadlines is no small feat, but Alyssa embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. She willingly stepped in to support Karen, offering assistance in any way possible. Her positive demeanor was a driving force during a demanding period. One of Alyssa’s significant contributions was her instrumental role in managing and ensuring the timely distribution of 1099s.

Alyssa’s standout qualities extend beyond her willingness to tackle any task at hand. Her inherent desire to continually learn more has positioned her as an invaluable member of the Accounting Team. This commitment to personal and professional growth not only benefits Alyssa but also contributes to the overall success of our team.

Join us in congratulating Alyssa on being named February’s Employee of the Month. Her dedication, positive attitude, and unwavering commitment make her an exemplary member of the WestMar family.