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Benny's Subs, LLC Acquires Benny's Place: A New Era for Sub Sandwiches at Olive Tree Plaza, Murrieta

Exciting news! Mark Esbensen, with WestMar Commercial Real Estate, successfully represented both parties in the lease negotiation for 1,644± square feet of retail space at Olive Tree Plaza, Murrieta. This remarkable achievement has paved the way for Benny’s Subs, LLC to acquire and operate Benny’s Place restaurant, specializing in scrumptious sub sandwiches, at this prime location.

Benny’s Subs, LLC: A New Chapter for Sub Sandwiches

Prepare for an elevated sub sandwich experience as Benny’s Subs, LLC takes the reins of Benny’s Place. With their passion for crafting exceptional subs, they are ready to continue the restaurant’s legacy and delight patrons with their irresistible creations.

A Stellar Location at Olive Tree Plaza

Nestled at 25021 Madison Avenue, Suite 106, in Murrieta, Olive Tree Plaza offers an ideal setting for Benny’s Subs, LLC to showcase their culinary expertise. The spacious 1,644± square feet of retail space provides ample room to accommodate sub sandwich enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience.

Unparalleled Flavor and Quality

Benny’s Place is renowned for their commitment to exceptional flavor and uncompromising quality. With their dedication to using the freshest ingredients and artisanal bread, they deliver sub sandwiches that tantalize taste buds and leave customers craving more. Whether you prefer classic favorites or innovative twists, they will exceed your expectations.

Unmatched Variety and Customization

Benny’s Place understands that individual preferences vary, which is why they offer an unmatched variety of subs to cater to every taste. Whether you opt for their signature creations or choose to customize your sub, their menu provides an array of options to satisfy your cravings.

Exceptional Service and Welcoming Atmosphere

At Benny’s Place, their mission extends beyond crafting delectable subs. They take pride in delivering exceptional service and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for every guest. With attentive staff dedicated to ensuring a memorable dining experience, Benny’s Place guarantees a visit that will leave you eagerly planning your next return.

Explore More about Benny’s Place

To discover the extensive menu offerings, special promotions, and the inspiring story behind Benny’s Subs, LLC, visit their website at https://www.bennyssubs.com/. Dive into a world of culinary delight as you navigate through their online platform.they