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Candylandia: A Sweet Addition to Hemet's Retail Landscape

Hemet’s retail scene is about to get a little sweeter with the arrival of Candylandia at Ramona Plaza. This delightful candy store have leased 1,200± square feet of prime retail space at 1308 E. Florida Avenue, Hemet, adding a delicious touch to the local business landscape. They promise to be a paradise for candy lovers of all ages. From classic favorites to unique and exotic sweets, this store is set to offer a wide array of confectionery delights that will satisfy every sweet tooth.

Guiding the Way

The lease agreement for this retail space was expertly facilitated by Scott Forest and Ali Esbensen of WestMar Commercial Real Estate, who represented both parties. Their dedication and professionalism ensured a smooth transaction that benefits everyone involved.

Sweet Moments in Hemet

As Candylandia prepares to open its doors in Hemet, residents and visitors alike can look forward to creating sweet moments and indulging in their favorite treats. Whether you have a craving for nostalgic candies or something new and exciting, this store aims to bring joy to all who enter.

Their addition to Hemet’s retail landscape reflects the city’s diversity and the growing desire for unique and enjoyable shopping experiences. As the store takes shape, the community can anticipate the sweet moments and memories it will help create.

Stay tuned for more updates on Candylandia’s grand opening at 1308 E. Florida Avenue, Hemet, within Ramona Plaza. Get ready to embark on a sweet journey right here in Hemet.

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