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Hemet Welcomes Griffith Company, Inc. to Its Industrial Landscape

Griffith Company, Inc. is renowned for its commitment to construction excellence. With a mission to build structures that stand the test of time, this company brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Hemet area.

A Seamless Transaction

The lease agreement for this exceptional space was skillfully handled by Scott Forest of WestMar Commercial Real Estate, who represented both parties. Scott’s dedication and expertise ensured a smooth transaction for both parties.

Construction Excellence in Hemet

As Griffith Company, Inc. prepares to operate from its new location, the Hemet community can look forward to witnessing construction excellence firsthand. From infrastructure projects to building developments, this company is poised to make a lasting impact on the area.

The addition of Griffith Company, Inc. to Hemet’s industrial landscape highlights the city’s growth and potential. As construction projects take shape, the community can anticipate the positive changes that will come with them. Stay tuned for more updates on their activities in Hemet, and join in welcoming this esteemed construction company to the area.

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