WestMar Commercial Real Estate

At WestMar, we are proud to announce Jessica Cohen as our Employee of the Month for April. Jessica’s transition from Facilities Maintenance to Property Management has been a testament to her adaptability, dedication, and unwavering commitment to success.

Jessica’s journey embodies the essence of growth and resilience. With a background in facilities maintenance, she brought a unique perspective to her new role in Property Management. Her understanding of department workflows proved invaluable, facilitating a seamless transition and setting the stage for her continued success.

In the face of new challenges and learning curves, Jessica’s positive attitude and eagerness to learn have shone through. She embraced feedback from mentors like Dana, Amy, and Melissa with open arms, immediately implementing suggestions for improvement and demonstrating a proactive approach to growth.

Melissa, Jessica’s mentor, played a pivotal role in her development, offering guidance, support, and a wealth of knowledge. With Melissa’s mentorship and the encouragement of her support team, Jessica has flourished in her role as a Property Assistant.

Recent feedback from tenants at Rancho Crossroads further underscores Jessica’s impact. Her timely and professional responses have garnered praise, reflecting her dedication to providing exceptional service and strengthening her position as a valued member of the team.

In recognition of her remarkable growth, dedication, and positive attitude, Jessica is a deserving recipient of the April Employee of the Month award. Join us in celebrating her achievements and in expressing our gratitude for her contributions to the WestMar family.