WestMar Commercial Real Estate

At WestMar, we take great pleasure in announcing Karen Longo as our December Employee of the Month. Her recent appointment as Senior Property Accountant has brought a wave of positive energy and efficiency to our Accounting Department.

In November, Karen accepted the role of Senior Property Accountant, marking a pivotal moment in her journey with WestMar. Without hesitation, she demonstrated her aptitude for the position, swiftly gaining recognition from Dana and Amy. This swift acknowledgment of her qualifications and competence solidified Karen’s position as a leader within our Accounting Department.

Karen’s work ethic is truly commendable. She approaches her tasks with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, making her a joy to work alongside. Her friendly and approachable personality has already made a positive impact on the team.

Not only does Karen bring professionalism to the workplace, but she also adds a touch of humor that brightens our office environment. Her approachable nature fosters a collaborative atmosphere, and we look forward to further experiencing her wonderful sense of humor.

Karen faced a significant workload upon joining WestMar, inheriting tasks left behind by a departing colleague. With determination and a smile, she tackled this backlog efficiently, showcasing her ability to handle challenges with grace and composure.

Amy, our Vice President of Operations, highlighted Karen’s exceptional research skills. The ability to independently gather and provide crucial information has proven invaluable, allowing the team to function smoothly and efficiently. Karen’s dedication to supporting her team’s success is truly noteworthy.

Karen sets a standard for punctuality and professionalism. Always arriving early and dressed impeccably for her role, she brings a sense of readiness and commitment to every workday.

For her exceptional qualifications, positive work ethic, resilience in handling challenges, and her invaluable contributions to team dynamics, Karen is our well-deserved December Employee of the Month.

Join us in congratulating Karen on this achievement. Her presence is already enhancing our workplace, and we look forward to continued success with her as an integral part of the WestMar team.