WestMar Commercial Real Estate

JUST LEASED! The Tech STEAM Center at Vail Headquarters at Redhawk Towne Center in Temecula

WestMar Commercial Real Estate is thrilled to announce the completion of lease negotiations between Vail Headquarters, LLC (the Landlord) and  Tech STEAM Center (the Tenant) at Vail Headquarters at Redhawk Towne Center in Temecula. As the representative of the Landlord, they successfully negotiated a lease agreement for 1,780± square feet of retail space at the property. The Tech STEAM Center, a leading institution for coding and computer classes, will establish its school at this prime location.

The Tech STEAM Center’s expansion marks a significant milestone in providing educational opportunities and fostering technological innovation in the Temecula community. Students of all ages will have access to cutting-edge resources and expert guidance to develop their coding skills and computer literacy.

Stay tuned for updates about when they will be opening within the property.