WestMar Commercial Real Estate

Celebrating Scott Forest: WestMar’s July 2024 Agent of the Month

At WestMar, we are thrilled to announce Scott Forest as WestMar’s July 2024 Agent of the Month. Scott’s dedication, ability to juggle several clients, and extensive knowledge of commercial leasing and sales have been instrumental in driving both his and WestMar’s success in the first half of 2024.

Scott’s deep understanding of the commercial real estate market has enabled him to provide exceptional service to his clients, consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations. His ability to manage multiple clients simultaneously while maintaining a high standard of service is truly commendable. This balance of client management and industry expertise has set Scott apart as a leader within the Inland Empire commercial real estate market.

In addition to his direct contributions, Scott plays a vital role as a conduit between his landlords and WestMar Property Management for properties they manage. This role has been crucial in strengthening the synergy between WestMar Commercial Brokerage and WestMar Property Management, showcasing Scott’s understanding of the broader company goals. His efforts ensure that our clients receive seamless service across both divisions, enhancing their overall experience with WestMar.

Scott’s efforts have positively impacted the revenue and success of both divisions, contributing to a thriving, collaborative environment. His dedication and proactive approach are key drivers of our ongoing success. His ability to identify and seize opportunities, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence, make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Scott’s hard work and dedication are truly appreciated, and we are proud to recognize him as WestMar’s July 2024 Agent of the Month. His achievements reflect the high standards we strive to uphold at WestMar, and we look forward to his continued contributions to our success.