WestMar Commercial Real Estate

Woodrick Door & Trim:
Enhancing Murrieta's Industrial Landscape

Murrieta’s industrial landscape is set to benefit from the presence of Woodrick Door & Trim at Beckman Court. With the lease of 1,250± square feet of industrial space at 26371 Beckman Court, Unit F, Murrieta, this company is poised to enhance the local business community.

They are on a mission to provide quality door and trim solutions to the Murrieta area. Their dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction makes them a valuable addition to the region’s industrial scene.

Expert Lease Negotiation

Luanne Palmer of WestMar Commercial Real Estate played a pivotal role by representing the tenant and ensuring they had a seamless transition. Her expertise and commitment to client satisfaction were instrumental in making this relocation a success.

Murrieta’s Industrial Landscape Brightens

As Woodrick Door & Trim prepares to operate from its new location, Murrieta residents can look forward to experiencing top-notch door and trim products and services. Whether for residential or commercial projects, this company is ready to meet the community’s needs.

Their presence in Murrieta’s industrial landscape signifies the city’s growth and potential. As the business thrives, it will contribute to the area’s development and economic vitality.

Stay tuned for more updates on Woodrick Door & Trim’s operations in Murrieta, and join in welcoming this valued addition to the community.

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